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Possess and hide. Love it!!

Sooo.... who used the Konami code to unlock 1999? I didn't but dammit if that code hasn't been a part of even non-gaming culture for a long time now. That Levine and co. used it for 1999 is simply awesome.

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

OT: Finished up 1999 yesterday, it was sweet cathartic retribution ...

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

1999 for me was like Hardcore in Dead Space 2, very very very worth the experience. I truly enjoyed it as punishing as it was.

So all in all the end battle had me worried initially. I tried the bullet shield thing and started to get my ass handed to me so went with the possessing-of-every-living-soul-I-could thing. Distracting the patriots with electroshock or possession to get a reprieve from their attacks on the engine. Actually managed to get a patriot to chase me instead of shooting the engine too which I think saved my bacon, as it was pretty low. Avoided killing at least one of the patriots outright if I could after mopping the humans up, tried to keep reinforcements from coming in. Also tried to stay on the upper level as much as possible for a quick run back to where there was some RPG and salts stashed behind the engine on the desk.

Never used Songbird for a deck attack, only on zeppelins so that saved some grief on waiting for him to recharge. That possession causes a suicide of the possessed afterward is a huge lifeandammosaver too when the RPG guys come out to play since they're bullet sponges.

After the zeppelins were downed, thought I had more coming still but took out a patriot chasing me and got the message to meet Elizabeth on the bow, guess it was the last one.... I damn near cried happy.

Siren: pain in the arse, even with charge and fire attacks/gear. Found that dammit, when charging... don't miss, ever. Every single hit needs to connect with her and not one of her zombies or you can loose your chance. This was the most frustrating spots in the entire game for me. Had to reload the checkpoint before the graveyard quite a few times before I finally got the hang of it. It's the only place I ran out of cash and got booted to the main menu. Gear wise I went with what everyone had been suggesting: fire, melee, explosive etc.

Handyman fights: Crows and devil's kiss, and yes the winter shield if there's a rail to use. Crows are a nice distraction and keeps him sitting in one spot to get some damage on him. Otherwise the bugger just jumps around too much like a monkey on crack. Gear: Wintershield, Hill Runner for when he gets close and gets a whack on yah, Fire Bird, Death From Above.

Salts/Health/Shield infusions:: I upgraded shield all the way first then health and salts back and forth, but realized later on especially in the Siren fight maxing salts over health would have been more useful. Running out of salts while charging never ended well and more and more relied on possession as the game progressed.

Gear for the rest of the game was pretty much the same: Vampire, Deadly lungers, Blood to salt, Burning Halo or Electric touch.

Weapons: agree with absolutely everyone, upgraded carbine. Keep it on you at all times even if you have no ammo, you will find some. I swapped out the sniper/shotgun/RPG/younameit depending on what was available in the level as my backup and what the situation was. But dammit that carbine is beast and great for both close quarters and ranged engagements.
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