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Talking need help with 3 specific achievements!!!

High all! I need help with a few achievements I have left in this game looking for a group or anyone trying for the same ones would be great...
I need to revive all 4 people in a round of horde for my last ribbon and kill a lambent berserker with 5 FoN characters... Then the killer Ive Got This achievement killing 10 enemies as the leader in a round on a FoN map (as if it wasn't difficult enough on any map) lol
I have off Monday Tuesday nights and would like to plan a day to knock these out shouldn't take too long if the peeps can be rounded up somehow... Im down and will and can help with a few other things, scratch my back ill scratch yours... at some point have to play through horde and beast on insane and plan on completing this game

hit me up GT: Mr DRowe
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