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Originally Posted by Dead Giveaway View Post
I enjoyed all the RE titles in the main series, each in their own way.

RE6 has the best Gameplay controls of the bunch, in fact I feel that it has the best 3rd Person Action controls of all games I played period.

I'm loving RE:R for the way the story is presented. Raid Mode is amazing fun & plan on playing it for a long time.

I also highly enjoy Mercs, played it a lot in RE4, loved playing it Co-op in RE5, and RE6 is slightly modified version but still fun to play, especially with the updated controls.

The only problem I have with RE6 is that all the DLC was Multiplayer & I just can't get into it. They should of just made more Campaign content and a ton of Maps for Mercs. Or made Mercs 4P, which I was hoping for over anything Multiplayer.

The only problem I have with RE:R is the Dodge technique & Sprinting, both of which are amazing in RE6. The "B" button should of been a Dodge button & Clicking in the LS should give us a Sprint move, not unlimited, but a quick boost.

I have Pros & Cons for all the RE titles I play, but I still enjoy them all & RE is one of a few franchise I have played for over 15 years & completely enjoy every time I buy a new title.

Right there with you pal,

I loved the more serious attitude they took to the story. It was different and I liked how each character had grown a bit darker. Hell if its resident evil I like it, Period. With that being said I like RE 6 for an acceleration of the action. It took away from the horror element which is what the franchise built itself on. Not really a good idea there, but the developers were not afraid to take the game in a new direction. If only they had contributed to longer stories and perhaps some dry humor between the devouring and death, It would have been better.
The parts where people died in terribly stupid ways... yeah that dragged the story down. But the desperation in ch 1 of Leons story was great. If only you had stayed there for a greater chunk of the game I think the game would have had more to offer.

By far though the 3rd person controls were my favorite. especially the stamina system, where you became exhausted as time went on.

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