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I know exactly how you feel. I now try to do Impossible at least twice a day with the doomsday method. It's turning into an obsession. I want to stop, but I just keep coming back.
I've gotten to 19 twice, and 17 three times.
I usually do well, and then get crushed by someone. Lately it's been Bane and Hawkgirl.

Maybe if we talk about what we do, we can give ourselves tips to complete this horrible battle:

Here's what I'm doing:
1) The regular Jump D3 method, usually going into either 33 or 123 DF3.
2) Crouch block and wait for them to dash at me, then try the 123 DF3 combo and repeat.

I couldn't do the crouch block method with Bane, as he kept grabbing me, or charging. Hawkgirl kept chipping away at me, so I had to jump attack her.

I've learned that it doesn't seem like a good idea to attack them right away after you knock them down, as they will wake up and kill you. So let them get up, and then jump at them with D3.

My biggest problems are against: Bane, Hawkgirl, Doomsday, Superman, Sinestro, Aquaman, and Green Arrow.

Also...there seems to be some Batman method to doing this. But I can't find it anywhere.

Got to 15 today...going to try one more time...

I just want to get past this horrible battle already!

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