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Cool Anyone glitched permanently!?

I, "right after the cut-scene where you swear you're not crazy, in the train" and you're talking on the phone...
He's Behind YOU!!
After... I start the New level all is fine.
Haven't looked at the exact level but it seems like a museum*.

Anyway. I must of died it has been awhile but my point is every time I reload the checkpoint or chapter it seems to be messed up.
It makes no sense.
The problem is, is that the light in the game is completely gone.

Anyone else have that problem or anything like it?!

Do I have to return my game and pick up a new one?
Or... should I start the game from the initial beginning?? The restart level isn't doing me any good. Nor is changing my settings*.
The game is a beautiful game and I'd love to finish it.
Just picked up FEAR again, from long ago and it reminded me of this game.
I love you Condemned (1&2).
Lol. Any help would be appreciated.

- Pay-shince.
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