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Total Awards: 7 (more» ...)

Members that are eligible for Staff discussion:

Members that have received the award:

* Clueless *

Current Nominations:
(16) * Clueless * [Awarded]- Implementing a brand new Guide Team process, demolishing a GT backlog that went from laughable to sad, Implementing a new way to submit guides and road maps, bringing the Greenbook to life, assisting in Maximum Clubs while still doing GT and Mod duties and making *pom* *poms* cool again.
Nominated by: Dakisbac, Yunder, Scotty, Corrupt x360a, THE DEADLY DOG, BAR4D, Never Final, Gackt, J.Waddo, Tatanko, Madhatters13, AOS Puck, Nozza x360a, FoxxyKyle, Maka, KillerBEA,

(1) Arsenic 17 - Helping in Windows Phone threads
Nominated by: Corrupt x360a

(1) BluWolve - Helping a user with an on-site glitch.
Nominated by: FoxxyKyle

(3) Capn Doug- For shipping games to another user and covering shipping charges, for helping with subscriber tournaments and the Arcade Crazy leaderboards.
Nominated by: Kaleido42, KillerBEA, Creech

(2) Ceris - Helping with the "Helping Hand Award" nomination count, for helping make avatars
Nominated by: Yunder, Jakez123

(5) Corrupt x360a - For shipping a game to another user at no cost, for creating a list of all games without a published guide
Nominated by: J.Waddo, Ceris, Spade, Foxxy Kyle, DEG23

(18) Creech [Awarded]- Bringing new awards to the forums, organizing the forums, adding more topics, and bringing back Subscriber tournaments, and being a strategy god.
Nominated by: Jackanape, Dakisbac, Kaleido42, Yunder, Scotty, Corrupt x360a, THE DEADLY DOG, BAR4D, Never Final, Gackt, J.Waddo, Tatanko, Madhatters13, AOS Puck, Nozza x360a, FoxxyKyle, Burnout x360a, KillerBEA

(3) dakisbac - For compiling all award winners over the course of the site's existence, adding guides to the Over Achiever list,
Nominated by: Yunder, Callum x360a, Foxxy Kyle,

(1) Deekboy - Attempting to keep Subscriber play dates going.
Nominated by: Capn Doug

(4) DEG23- For Helping Creech with Site Assistance, for creating the list of games missing a guide or roadmap.
Nominated by: THE DEADLY DOG, Ceris, Capn Doug, troy0891 x360a

(2) DOOKH8R- For helping forum members unlock achievements in PS:U before servers were shut down
Nominated by: Ceris, dakisbac

(1) FatalDeathSG45 - For helping countless people get good equipment in Borderlands 2
Nominated by: Scotty

(10) Gackt [Awarded] - For helping design the newest awards and banners, for creating signatures for members of the forums, offering guidance in Dark Souls
Nominated by: Nozza x360a, Ceris, THE DEADLY DOG, FoxxyKyle, Carmona25, Burnout x360a, Tatanko, Callum x360a, KFZ Scrubs, Velvet Ravisher

(7) Grifter Reborn - For assisting in correcting eligibility of past Representers, help running Ambassador program, community co-op stuff, overall site help.
Nominated by: Jappe x360a, Ceris, troy0891 x360a, Carmona25, Creech, Spade, FrozenRaptorz

(1) ImpendIn_Agony - For his help in the Fable 2 helpers group.
Nominated by: dakisbac

(6) ISACC1982- For maintaining Windows Phone/Windows 8 threads.
Nominated by: Tyger7, Corrupt x360a, Kairi, Creech, Capn Doug, Judge Bergan

(1) Jackanape- For assisting with the Subscriber Spotlight,
Nominated by: Yunder

(1) Jappe x360a- For distributing free Cars in Forza 2,
Nominated by: J.Waddo

(11) Kairi [Awarded] - Being that "welcoming to the site" person, answering many questions, keeping the "awards stuff" organized, being awesome in general
Nominated by: Tatanko, DEG23, troy0891 x360a, KillerBEA, Spade., Ceris, Delta3519, The BiggD, Carmona25, Scotty, StayonTarget

(4) KillerBEA- Helping users with boosting a game
Nominated by: Corrupt x360a, Spade., Judge Bergan, dakisbac

(1) litepink - Attempting to keep Subscriber play dates going,
Nominated by: Capn Doug

(2) Method - For starting up the Subscriber Spotlight.
Nominated by: Jackanape, Yunder

(1) MightyMango - Need for Speed Moderator achievement.
Nominated by: Yunder

(1) Nevander - For creating Trials Evo tracks
Nominated by: Maka

(1) Never Final - For creating a public Excel file of the Over Achiever list
Nominated by: dakisbac

(6) Nozza x360a - For providing Guide banners, Exceptional graphic work, Personal Banner
Nominated by: Maka, Callum x360a, Hayden, Gackt, THE DEADLY DOG, B A R 4 D

(1) Rajeanero - For providing sig work across the site.
Nominated by: Scotty

(5) Rekikire- Shipping games covering cost, Fable 3 weapons, Moderator achievement in NFS
Nominated by: FoxxyKyle, KillerBEA, BluWolve, Kaleido42, Yunder

(2) Salut Alto - For helping players with Aegis Wing
Nominated by: Jappe x360a. Kairi

(7) Scotty - For helping newer members write guides and in general, helping with Award Tracking
Nominated by: DEG23, Delta3519, Creech, Nozza x360a, troy0891 x360a, Kairi, Ceris

(1) Shinobi273 - For helping a user with site-glitch.
Nominated by: FoxxyKyle,

(2) THE DEADLY DOG - For helping Creech with Site Assistance, For helping out in numerous ways
Nominated by: DEG23, Corrupt x360a

(2) The Pants Party - Consistently up keeping the site with missing achievement tiles, being a rebel, and being awesome to the max.
Nominated by: Yunder, Burnout x360a

(4) troy0891 x360a - Helping user with submitted guide, coming up with that green thumb award.
Nominated by: Scotty, Yunder, Delta3519, Corrupt x360a

(10) Tyger7[Awarded]- For implementing the Collectible guide team, helping site users,
Nominated by: Yunder, Never Final, Gackt, J.Waddo, Tatanko, Capn Doug, Ceris, FoxxyKyle, StayOnTarget, BluWolve

(6) WalterWhite - For creating platform support banners.
Nominated by: Foxxy Kyle, StayonTarget, LickableLemons7, B A R 4 D, The BiggD, Evo Kazz

(3) Xerofox- For helping design the newest awards and banners, for providing Guide banners
Nominated by: Nozza x360a, Maka, Gackt

(6) Yunder- For accumulating helping hand nominations into one post, Everything.
Nominated by: Hayden, Tatanko, Ceris, Scotty, Creech, Delta3519

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