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Originally Posted by wcellon View Post
Don't you then have to be logged out of XBox to play the game (without the update)? If you login, won't it automatically reinstall the update. I hate having achievements that just say, "Unlocked" with no date stamp because they were done offline.
I know what you mean. When I first started getting Achievements, I didn't know a thing about that, but ever since, I've tended not to play if I didn't have Internet access (with few exceptions) because I like to know when I unlocked it.

It is possible to get this without any exploit; I've done it. I actually thought I was over the time limit based on when I had started the level, but then I got to the end of the level, and it unlocked. I just know I moved through as quickly as I could, even though I thought I wasn't moving as quickly as I needed. I don't know if cutscenes somehow make a difference in the time.
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