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59/60 Templars problem.

After first playtrough ive missed one Templar.I have checked all locations in whole game 2 times without ive decide for second playtrough this time with this rules:

1) After second assasination clear all templars in "Kingdome"-after first assasination not all locations with Templars are accsessible for You in Kingdome.

2) Do only investigations that You need to do(2-3 not more)

3) In every district first kill all templars,then investigation and assasination.

4) It dosent matter if You backstab templar or kill him in fight,but try to di it when You are not pursuit by gurds.

5) wrote down after every city district how much You have templars killed. Why?Beacuse in my case after 6th assasination I switched off console three templars has respawn in one district and i know that Ive killed them once before.Compare them with this list how much You have and how much You need more.

  • 30 - Kingdom
  • 03 - Dasmascus poor
  • 03 - Dasmascus middle
  • 04 - Dasmascus rich
  • 04 - Acre poor
  • 03 - Acre middle
  • 03 - Acre rich
  • 03 - Jerusalem poor
  • 03 - Jerusalem middle
  • 04 - Jerusalem rich

6) You can also try to make "Conversationalist" achievement in mean time.

Worked for me :-)
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