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Originally Posted by neeker75 View Post
I've finished Divided Land but the option to max officers didn't appear.

Stuck at 210 officers now. I saw an officer I need in the next scenario, went on to beat him a few times until I captured him, and then after the fight, he refuses to join, still.
I think what is needed is to both finish the Dong Zhuo scenario as well as either divided land or gathering for the max option. After messing around a bit more last week. I had already completed the dong zhuo scenario and still could not select max,I then finished a divided land,and the next time I went to play a gathering of heroes I could select max. Also,I tried getting all the officers in the dong zhuo scenario,and was able to get all but the last 10. Once I got 1/2 way thru gathering of heroes I had gained the last officers needed for 250.Also,if your early in your quest for officers it is way easier to get most with the search wide option 1st,then hire wide once the search wide begins to fail,then I found that recruiting allowed for better success with last few,because there was less need for the special items officers require when doing hire wide. Meaning if you know you only have a select few officers left to get,and the refuse to join your force try recruiting them instead. I had Deng Mao refuse me 6 times until i went to recruit,there he did not refuse,and did not ask for an item in return. Funny thing is i wrote out an officer checklist and found there is 251 officers,the one officer I didnt ever get was Shui Jing,although it didn't matter as far earning the cheevo,I can not find him anywhere in the game,but he is in the game's officer list. I wonder if anyone has found him
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