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Ixion Firewheel
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Looking to get a team together to knock out the following:

Wreaking Locust Vengance in Beast Mode
Enriched and Fortified (grinding through Horde Mode)
Most, if not all 4-player co-op achievements. Including the force multiplier medals and First Among Equals. And trying to get through the campaign on insane mode.

Preferably, I would like to get a team together that can dedicate some time to knocking these out. If you're in the middle of going for Seriously 3.0, this may be a good place to work on grinding some of those challenges up.

I am on EST, usually have time in the evenings, have a mic and prefer to work as a team. Please be of the same mindset and have the same capabilities. Let me know what achievements you need, I'm more than happy to trade.

GT: Ixion Firewheel
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