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Originally Posted by A47A47 View Post
To meet Hibachi, you need to meet both of 2 following conditions.

(1) Miss 1 or less times form starting stage1 through beating stage5-boss.
(2) Attain "bee item perfect" in 3 or more stages.
Each stage has 8 bee items.
"Bee item perfect" means "to get all bee items in a stage" and "not to miss after getting the 1st bee item through getting tha last one."
why are the bees sometimes "invisible" i mean i bought the mark bee item in the shop but sometimes they are like transparent. sometimes i can pick them up if i go into hyper sometimes they are just unreachable...

ok got it you have to hit the bee with your a-shot not the rapid-fire, then they become solid...

seems like i dont got it ... is it the hit-chain that has to be like a certain number?

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