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Catastrophic "destroy 1000 buildings" glitch?

Has anyone else gotten the "destroy 1000 buildings" achievement yet? I did a run-through on casual to get all the stars on that difficulty out of the way, and about 2 levels into my normal playthrough, the achievement popped. It appears that the game counts anything destructable, including the small stuff, because I certainly didn't destroy 1000 actual buildings (didn't intentionally destroy any at all).

Ever since then, the game has become unplayable for me. Have you guys noticed how the game freezes for like a second when you get a vehicle double kill, to check if you still need that achievement? It happens now and then. The game is now doing that for every single thing I destroy. I mean shit like crates, fences, palm trees... It's constantly freezing! If I fire off one of the special rockets that destroys multiple things at once, hoo boy... It freezes for a full 20-30 seconds!

Going to reinstall the game now, but I'm not hopeful.
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