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Originally Posted by B A R 4 D View Post
I know, I've played through the whole game twice now on casual & normal and about to start expert for the last batch of stars and I haven't experienced anything of sorts since I unlocked it. Maybe the game is being glitchy.
I don't understand what's going on. I have it so bad that the game pretty much completely stopped being fun. Some levels are more playable than others, but pretty much every time there's a firefight in a town or village, the game just chops to unplayability and I just stop having fun when it freezes for 2-20+ seconds every time I fire. The sad part is that almost every firefight in the game is in a village, town or army base littered with destructable things...

It seems like my friend, who is having the same problem, isn't having as many problems since he's still playing it, and you say you don't have it at all. How can we have three completely different severity issues with the same damn glitch? If this was happening in other games I'd assume my HDD was dying or something but every other game is fine. And so was this one until I unlocked my 1000 buildings.

Edit: Actually, friend just told me that he's just suffering through it for some more achievements...

Originally Posted by DeaDpOoL xx View Post
Yeah I've that same thing happen where a game occasionally freezes as an achievment pops up no big deal.
According to your profile you don't even have the game, but you're still telling me there's no big deal? Don't be a douche, man.

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