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赤いボス (Red boss)

Reach the stage 2 boss with a 12x multiplier.

赤いスポーツカー (Red sport car)

Destroy the red sport car at the beginning of stage 3.

ボス1再び登場 (The stage 4 boss reappears)

The boss of XII Zeal’s stage 4 is a giant ship with a lot of parts. If you destroy every parts before he escapes but with a multiplier of 11x or below when you give the final blow on the last part, the same boss will reappear once again.

ボス2登場 (The stage 2 boss reappears)

Same as the last achievement that I’ve mentionned but if you give the final blow on the last part with a 12x multiplier, the stage 2 boss will reappear.

中ボス登場 (Stage 5 mid-boss appears)

Reach the stage 5’s mid-boss with a 12x multiplier.

すぐ逃げる飛行機撃破 (Plane destroyed before takeoff)

On the runaway at stage 6, before the mid-boss turret, you need to destroy the little plane (like the one on the achievement's image) at the top of the screen who tries to escape (UPDATED).

XIIZEAL クリア (XII ZEAL cleared)

Cleat the game XII Zeal

XIIZEAL 1コインクリア (XII ZEAL cleared)

Clear the game XII Zeal without continue.

バックファイアマスター (Backfire master)

Destroy 3000 enemies with the backfire attack (recoil fire at the back of the plane when using side attack/normal/rapid shot).

サイドアタックマスター (Side attack master)

Destroy 5000 enemies with the side attack.

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