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ワイドMAX (Wide MAX)

Have a full Wide shot by having10 red crystals at the same time.

ミサイルMAX (Missile MAX)

Have a full Missile shot by having 10 green crystals at the same time.

レーザーMAX (Laser MAX)

Have a full Laser shot by having 10 blue crystals at the same time.

ブラックホール弾マスター (Black hole shot master)

Can be done at the beginning of the first stage. You need to launch a black hole that will absorb bullets and create the highest value items. Launching a black hole is possible by holding A and release it after when you have enough items (should write OK at the bottom of the screen). Destroy all enemies at the beginning of stage 1 but one mid-size ship that shot a bunch of bullets if you donít attack him and collected all items. Shot a black hole on him and the achievement should unlock.

RAPIDシリーズ登場 (Rapid serie appears)

Done by destroying the majority of enemies at beginning of stage 1 (a little random too but not hard).


Reach the tank formation by destroying the majority of tanks at the beginning of stage 2.

列車登場 (Train appears)

Reach the train section during stage 2. Done by reaching and destroying the tank formation quickly (use a bomb to better result).


Reach the submarine formation during stage 4 (almost impossible to miss if you shoot the enemies at the beginning of the stage).

赤い潜水艦(Red submarine)

Done by reaching the submarine formation on HARD difficulty during stage 4 (you can do it on score attack).

DELTAZEAL クリア (DeltaZeal cleared)

Clear the game DeltaZeal.


Clear the game DeltaZeal without continue.
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