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Thumbs down Worst Multiplayer Ever!

I normally try to avoid ranting but having gone through numerous multiplayer games all across my Xbox 360 days, I have to conclude that the "Battlefield: Bad Company" has by far the worst multiplayer I've ever played, bar none! I've never, EVER, dealt with such fundamentally laggy gameplay, even taking into account it being an older game (Released 5 years ago) but this was just ridiculous.

I don't know what it is but despite over a year's worth of experience, I've never, EVER been able to get good at all and more and more often, it suffers from too much spawn-killing, where I've found myself just waiting to respawn occupying more time than when running around the map. That and too much flanking just did it all in for me.

I've removed BF:BC from my Xbox now and am just tired of rage-quitting but this multiplayer has become a near-brain damaging nightmare and no longer fun to play. The controls have got to be among the most awkward I've ever used and too many times, I've dumped entire magazines on the enemies but scored either just one kill or none at all.

This has happened so many times that I've literally pretty much hurled BF:BC into the trash.

This is a shame as I usually love playing older games just as much as the latest game but when it comes to my experiences between this and BF3, the contrasts couldn't be greater. That and that when playing the Non-American side, you can hear your factions' native languages, giving the game a more realistic feel.

I've gotten multiple positive K/D ratios on BF3's games but never on BF:BC and the game is littered with bullshit achievements that are just outrageously long, or require obscenely difficult awards to get and after so much horseshit of constant flank-deaths (Killed from behind) glitches, terrible lag, and an awkward engine, I've thrown in the towel, abandoned "Beans Bullets Bandages" and other MP achievements, "I am Bad Company!" is out of the question, and have taken a piss on this game. I'm now just mopping up all remaining single-player achievements and am cleansing myself of BF:BC. Somebody else can play this shit. I really tried to get a hang of this game but I just couldn't do it.

I've had my share really, really bad games on BF3, MoH, CoD, Ghost Recon, and even Crysis 2 and 3 but those games had their ups and their downs but "Battlefield:Bad Company" multiplayer is one 'downer' after another and simply impossible to play and the worst game mechanics I've ever dealt with.

As far as I'm concerned, EA can shut down the MP servers for this one because I'm done with it and have a good 825 out of 1000 with it and I can live with that.
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