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Originally Posted by Ow Nitram View Post

中ボス登場 (Stage 5 mid-boss appears)

Reach the stage 5s mid-boss with a 12x multiplier.

ブラックホール弾マスター (Black hole shot master)

Can be done at the beginning of the first stage. You need to launch a black hole that will absorb bullets and create the highest value items. Launching a black hole is possible by holding A and release it after when you have enough items (should write OK at the bottom of the screen). Destroy all enemies at the beginning of stage 1 but one mid-size ship that shot a bunch of bullets if you dont attack him and collected all items. Shot a black hole on him and the achievement should unlock.

列車登場 (Train appears)

Reach the train section during stage 2. Done by reaching and destroying the tank formation quickly (use a bomb to better result).
Hi friend.
Can you please give me some more info on those achievements?
Ive fullfiled the conditions on the "Train Appears" and "Stage 5 mid-boss appears) and nothing happens...
Also, which enemy exactly Im looking for on stage 1 to get "Black hole shot master"?
Thank you very much.
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