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Perhaps you're right. I've kind of flaked out on CoD and had it not been for the BS factor of getting flanked so much (Which makes it unplayable) and the unbelievable lag in the game, BF:BC would've been awesome.

I've really, really tried at this and despite going at it for almost a year, all of this BS of dumping whole magazines without getting any kills, constant flanking, grenade launchers behaving like fart cannons, and the horrendous lag, I stand by calling this the worst multiplayer in my book.

It's painful to say it because I otherwise enjoy playing older games, and really love how the non-USA factions speak in their native languages which makes the game feel more real. Perhaps I shall go back to this game but I stand by my earlier remark calling this what it is in my book.

No other game has made me rage quit so frequently. Neither "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier" nor the Crysis series, nor even "Call of Duty" caused me this much gamer grief like this so frequently. I've only broken a controller once in the past five years over anger and that one time was when I played THIS game's multiplayer.

I generally prefer the "Battlefield" and "Crysis" games over CoD myself but I've gotten numerous positive K/D results from those and even went 54/34 on BF3. Hell, I even played BF:BC and got a horrible 1/14 game and actually quit in disgust. Later on that same night, I put in BF3 and went 81/36 in that game. That speaks volumes between the two games.

I respect your opinon and it has some valid points behind it.
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