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Originally Posted by Exapein View Post
I hate when people think RE4 is the end all be all resident evil game, in the same calabar as FF7 and Twilight Princess with the final fantasy and Zelda series respectively. Capcom made RE5 in the likeness of RE4 and people didn't like it. Then they made RE6 which I loved, and people still didn't like it. Which is confusing because it's 4 but 10x better.
I loved 4, finished it several times on Game Cube and 360 but I could not even get through the demo of Resident Evil 5 because I disliked it so much and 6 is a much different game than 4 in terms of gameplay.

As to whether Revelations is better than 6, it comes down to this they're different games, Revelations is the old school corridor crawling game with basic controls and 6 is a modern 3rd person shooter.

I was ready to quit playing 6 half way through my first character campaign until I was able to get some more decent skills then I started to really enjoy the game. I was enjoying Revelations until I saw how much ammo bosses require to kill and the dodge mechanics.
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