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I don't usually cuss - especially on a web site forum... but FUCK Digital Leisure for making it ONLY unlock in GMT time zone!

I waited until 2013 to play this game, and unfortunately... because I didn't start playing it until tonight (started at 10:00 PM, Pacific Time Zone), the damn achievement won't unlock because of the fucking time-zone issue.

How STUPID are the developers, that they HAD to lock it into the GMT time-zone, instead of just reading the date on the user's console? Sure, I can play it "offline" and change the time to earlier in the day (it's still June 19th right now)... but then I don't get the time/date stamp - which is sort of important, considering the achievement description - and TODAY is the 30th anniversary of the game's release.

They can go fuck themselves in the ass... I AM PISSED-OFF!!!
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