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Originally Posted by x410xDragon View Post
I may know what your problem is. Correct me if I am wrong anyone, but I am positive you have to do some of those on one separate play through. The "Axes High" are counting,but on that particular save file. It will not carry over onto other play-throughs. For example: if you are playing on Normal difficulty and you have 28/30 counting for "Axes High", but start Survivalist difficulty it wipes it clean to 0/30.

I have finished the game 100% for awhile now and I and several others had this same issue like you. If you need a further explanation or need a HardCore partner(makes it a bit easier), shoot me a request. Good luck!
I've yet to get that achievement(Axes High), and I'm aware the count doesn't carry over to different save files.

My issue is with checking off my achievements on this site.
Every time I check off every achievement I've got and then select save at the bottom of the page, it reloads and deselects the same 4 achievements.
I've even tried just selecting all achievements, including the ones I've yet to complete, and then saving, and it still deselects the same 4, making the list incomplete.
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