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This is so weird! Okay, so I was looking at a forum for another game in the "D" category... and I spotted "Dig Dug" (a game I finished YEARS ago... 2008), and I remembered that many of my friends (including a few who like to complete ALL games) did not have the "Dig" achievement.

I was surprised that SO MANY PEOPLE are having trouble with this achievement! Seriously... I got it on maybe my third or fourth try. The first time, I cleared the entire screen where I can "dig" but didn't think about "digging" that top row (above ground) - no achievement. I looked on a forum (different web site... didn't know about this one at the time), and read that you needed to dig the very top area of the game... so after a couple more tries, I did that... kept playing the game, and when I lost my last life... the achievement popped. It IS the second achievement I unlocked in the game!

I think I played the game off and on since it came out for the 360, and didn't finish the other achievements until sometime in 2008. I never realized that so many people were having such a problem with that "Dig" achievement!

As long as you have 2 enemies left on the screen... they don't leave, and the level keeps going. I would just "pump-up" the enemies periodically, and keep digging all the areas you can walk-over, and then I killed [at least] one of the enemies. I don't remember if I had time to kill both, but then again... it's super easy to get both, if you inflate one partially, then blow-up the second one... then blow-up the first one before he deflates.

I almost feel like playing it again with my testing account... just to see if it's still just as easy as it was 6 or 7 years ago! Just keep pumping-up the enemies to keep them at bay (and don't "pop" them)... and it should give you enough freedom to clear the entire screen!! Memorize the most you can inflate them without popping them, and you should be okay (don't leave "fire-breathers" alive for your last 2 enemies... too dangerous)!

Maybe the game is easier for me... because I played it when it was originally in the arcades?!!
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