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Originally Posted by Generalq View Post
I'd really like a whoopie cushion if anyone has one.

I have most everything else in the game, so let me know what you need and I'll see if I can get it for you.

GT: Generalq

Got the wolf fang and honeycomb from a very kind anonymous source. Thank you!
Will you dupe? If yes then I have the whoopie cushion and I'll dupe it for you if you dupe me all pet items you have.

Looking for: Miner's Clothes, top tier weapons, honey comb, wolf fang, brain, flamelash, robot hat

Have: all armor, hamdrax, slime crowns, mechanical worms, mechanical skulls, suspicious looking skull, plumbler hat, wizard hat, archaeologists hat, ninja gear, hero's clothes, cabbage, petri dish, vial of blood, whoopie cushion, and more. I also have almost every equipable and chest weapon, ask me a specific one and I'll say if I have it or not.

Message me on xbox please. GT:TacitGrunt

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