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Originally Posted by snipingheadshot View Post
Where exactly do you have to shoot tanks to one hit disable them from the front? I know it's possible because it happens regularly, whether it's to me driving or someone in my squad. Even with reactive armor, I have been disabled in one hit from a tank. It's been on maps with only one tank on each team, so I know I'm not getting hit by two tanks. In BF2, I know there was a one hit kill on tanks if you shot it at the right angle under its turret. Does this happen in BF3 as well? I have tried this in empty servers with friends, but it hasn't worked.

its very rare to get one hit disabled from the front. it can happen though, but only if you are boosting. it will never happen if you arent boosting. if you are approaching an area where you know there are other tanks around, just dont take the chance. dont boost and this wont be an issue.

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