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Originally Posted by AgentOrange330 View Post
One of the major updates a year or so ago changed how to recover your gamertag which made the process a whole lot faster. I think it was around the time cloud storage was added.

To add to this, the guy that emailed me about this particular problem said that to wasn't necessarily a fix per se for this game but something they noticed had worked on some of their other games. It's a good thing to try in the future for any other problems you it run into with any other games.

Also, just to add a touch of class. The guy that I emailed at Most Wanted Entertainment is apparently the studio director. After speaking with him I beat the game and in the credits it had his name as studio director. I thought it was kind of nice that someone that high up in the company was helping out with fixing this problem.
yeah thats nice you got lucky and 100% agreed - if it goes through the normal support "channels" - it takes forever for them to recognize the proplem and act upon it !

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