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Clean Run 10
Completed a level without dying.
It is best to complete this achievement on the first level of the Caves because it is the easiest of the game. If you try this on any other level try avoiding any enemies you encounter and just do not fall off of the ledges otherwise you will have to start the entire level again.

Bullseye 10
Achieved a perfect flag bonus.
For this achievement you must land in the middle of the target zone at the end of a level (It is highlighted with red). You will know once you have done it because your character will jump all the way to the top of the flag post.

Bank It 10
Collected 3 coins without using a checkpoint.
For this achievement you must collect 3 coins which are blue and spin around so they are hard to miss. There are 3 on the first level which you can collect and again it seems to be the easiest level to get this on. Please Note: You can pass the checkpoints to get the 3 blue coins but you CANNOT die and respawn at a checkpoint. If you do you will have to restart the level.

Kinect King 20
Found and used each power-up in the game.
There are 8 power-ups that help you advance through the levels. You pick up a power-up when you land on it or jump into it. A list of the power-ups and their first appearance's are listed below.
Cave levels:
Level 1: Springs (Allow you to jump higher)
Level 2: The Wings (Angel Wings)
Level 4: The Rocket Pack(Jet Pack)
Level 5: Electromagnetic pulse (Bomb that destroys cannons)
Level 6: Trampoline (Allows Doodler to double jump)
Sky levels
Level 1: Time freeze (Looks like a stopwatch with icicles on it)
Level 4: Explosive bomb (Destroys close walls)
Hive Levels
Level 1: Magic boots (when you start this level they are on your right)
Once you have used all of these power-ups you will get this achievement.
(Special thanks to j00na5)

Lone Ranger 20
Killed every monster type once.
There are 10 enemies in this game that you need to kill. This can be either through jumping on their head, shooting them or using a power-up on them. You should get this by just playing the game but i will put a list of the monsters and when they first appear below. Bosses do not count towards this.
Cave levels:
Red Monster
Purple monster
Brown monster
Sky levels:
Orange monster
Grey monster
Dark Green monster
Blue/Purple flying monster
Hive Levels:
Three headed green monster
Dark/light green fluffy monster
Once you have killed one type of each monster you will get this achievement.

Rocket Man 30
Broke 20 platforms with one rocket pack.
The easiest level to complete this on would have to be either Cave level 4. There is a Rocket Pack right at the start of the level with lots of breakable wooden blocks all lined up (caution they do head diagonally right).

Shot Down 40
Defeated the cave boss.
You will Get this by playing the game. This is the Boss you fight at level 10 of the Cave world.
How to defeat this boss: You can only damage him by jumping on his head and every time you do this he gets redder and redder. Once he is hit he will fly up and shoot balls at you this will start off as one then later he fires 3 at once so this becomes a bit of a dodging game. Then he will fire Shurikens at you (4 sided blade that ninjas are known to use) dodge these and try and get a shot on his head whenever you can but watch out for the 'drills' on the sides because they can catch you off guard. You only need to hit him 4 times to defeat him.

Close Shave 40
Defeated the sky boss.
You will get this while playing the game. This is the boss fight at the end of the Sky world.
How to defeat this boss: You can damage him by jumping on his head, shooting him and using specials from enemies. This makes this even easier than the first time you encounter a boss. Jumping on his head does the most damage and is only 4-5 hits like the previous boss. Once he is hit he will fly up and cannons on the side of the map will shoot enemies at you these will come in 3's and are completely random. If you get the orange monster he will usually drop a bomb once he dies which you can then pick up and use the clouds to get high enough and activate the bomb which damages the boss a lot this is why it is a lot easier to complete than the original boss. He does not change attacks at all and his only attack is to hover right to left or vice versa when he lowers to ground level and uses saw blades so it gives you a good chance to jump on his head. Repeating this 3 - 4 times will give you this achievement.

Snake Charmer 40
Defeated the hive boss.
You will get this by playing the game. This is the Boss you fight at the end of the Hive world.
How to defeat this boss: You cannot shoot or jump on top of this boss until the end he appears like a snake with 10 body parts. To damage him jump on his body parts and they will break off. This is the key to defeating this foe. Then enemies will come out of the walls, you can either dodge or shoot these (which ever you are better at). Now the boss should start zigzagging from top to bottom the timing here is critical because you can end up jumping into his head if you are too early or get splattered by him if you are too late. As before jump on his body segments and enemies will repeat the attack from the walls. After they are gone the boss appears again starting from bottom left does a lap of the level and returns to the top right hole. Jump on the body parts again and you should be able to jump on his head when he is at the bottom of the level once done the achievement should pop.

Cave Master 60
Achieved 3 stars for every level in the caves.
Level requirements:
Level 1 Requirements: 85000
Level 2 Requirements: 85000
Level 3 Requirements: 110000
Level 4 Requirements: 125000
Level 5 Requirements: 150000
Level 6 Requirements: 145000
Level 7 Requirements: 125000
Level 8 Requirements: 140000
Level 9 Requirements: 155000
Level 10 Requirements: 90000

Sky Master 60
Achieved 3 stars for every level in the sky.
Level requirements:
Level 1 Requirements: 150000
Level 2 Requirements: 150000
Level 3 Requirements: 140000
Level 4 Requirements: 165000
Level 5 Requirements: 145000
Level 6 Requirements: 160000
Level 7 Requirements: 210000
Level 8 Requirements: 160000
Level 9 Requirements: 140000
Level 10 Requirements: 200000

Hive Master 60
Achieved 3 stars for every level in the hive.
Level requirements:
Level 1 Requirements: 180000
Level 2 Requirements: 160000
Level 3 Requirements: 215000
Level 4 Requirements: 150000
Level 5 Requirements: 185000
Level 6 Requirements: 180000
Level 7 Requirements: 160000
Level 8 Requirements: 210000
Level 9 Requirements: 170000
Level 10 Requirements: 300000

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