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Hey guys, I just managed to finish this one so I figured I'd write a guide for the hardest range, which is the last one. D2. I used the TMP because its somehow the most reliable weapon. If you follow this guide you should hopefully have the moves memorized within 10 attempts. Aim for center mass, as the gun jerks a bit when fired so the shot ends up being a bit wide if you aim for the head or shoulders. Try to hit the targets dead in the gut as often as possible. Also keep in mind, Salazar hits count for the Salazar counter. So if you hit a Salazar target, you'd only have to hit 4 more targets for another Salazar to appear. You'll need 4 Salazars to get 3K on this mission. If you miss a Salazar or two targets, just restart the range. Here we go.

Ring the bell and stand directly in front of it. Shoot the Ganado in the middle right first, then run to the far end of the middle right corner. Take out the left middle and two center Ganados. Take out the 3 center Ganados, and the Salazar should be mid-screen by now. Take that target out. Two more Ganados will appear in the center, take them out. If you have a continuous kill combo at this point with no misses (Salazar included) another Salazar will appear. Destroy it. Two fast moving Ganados will appear now, take out the one approaching you first. If you took a few shots to destroy the first Salazar, another will appear now. Take that out, and by the time you do so the second Ganado target will be directly in front of you for easy pickings. Reload, cause now comes the tricky part.

Two very fast moving Ganado targets will be right next to Ashley at the very back of the screen, and if you don't nail these two while they're moving you lose the chance. Place your bead in their path, and fire a split second before they cross into it. It takes timing and practice, but you should be able to take them both out without having to adjust your aim. An Ashley target will now appear with a Ganado behind it. Draw a bead on Ashley, and as soon as she pops down, shoot the Ganado. His target will stay up a short time longer than Ashleys. Quickly adjust your aim far left for an easy female Ganado target. Pick off the 4 Ganado targets as fast as you can, because a Salazar will certainly be moving across the screen. You'll have a good vantage point for all 4 and Salazar. AT this point, 2 Ganados will pop up dead center, surrounded by Ashley targets. You'll be in a good position to eliminate them both. If you're a crack shot, this will net you another Salazar. Almost done! Take out the female Ganado directly in front of you, then immediately run all the way left for the male Ganado target in the back. If you didn't have a Salazar before, you should have one by now. Now from your mid-left vantage point, you should be able to clearly take out the male and female targets on the left and right. If you STILL didn't get a Salazar, you'll have one now.

That's it. It's incredibly frustrating, but it honestly does just take practice and timing. Hope this guide helps someone!
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