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Im almost finished with my 1999 run, just fought and destroyed the first siren and i have found a few things that have worked for me.

Keep possession as one of your vigors at all times, i cant say how many times it has saved me by either having the possessed person/turret taken out quickly saving health/money/bullets, or by them taking out one or 2 enemies and then themselves. Also keep murder of crows or devils kiss as the other one. both are good at distracting/killing enemies.

Carbine/machine gun/hand cannon should be your weapons of choice. this allows you to take on heavy hitters like firemen and the guys with bull helmets and also the weaker infantry. Also turrets and the like. i kept the machine gun most of the time and switched out the carbine and hand cannon whenever the situation demanded it.

You should use the infusions to upgrade your health to a decent part f with the one or 2 to your salts and shields within say your first 10 infusions. After that go into salts/shields as you see fit as you will be relying on both of them more and more. as your shields go down quickly enough even with upgrades. Buying the season pass gives you a little more flexibility in how you distribute them. As for guns/vigors only do it when you have a lot of money to spare so like 7-800 silver eagles to give yourself some breathing room in case you die. I only upgraded my devils kiss for more damage, possession to posses humans, and charge to recharge my shields and to make myself invulnerable.

As for gear i have been using gun play focused pieces only using my melee attacks in the beginning and at times when i could knock them off with bull-rush (a piece of gear you get from the premium/ultimate songbird edition.)

The only enemies i have had an issue with are patriots because shocking them and going to shoot there back takes to much time that as soon as you get there they turn around. Just keep shooting especially at there heads to stagger them. Handymen are easily taken care of my running around a lot/using skyrails to leap up and down while your shooting at him and by hitting with with murder of crows. Sirens can be tricky but the charge method works like a charm. The second firemen is a pain because you only have your pistol/claw to deal with him.

After completing my 1999 run, (i just finished it 2 mins ago from editing this) go full on melee with blood for salts, burning halo the one that stuns and does electricty/fire damage (you choice) and i used fit as a fiddle to make respawing a bit eaiser. I upgraded my charge to add explosive damage. This makes Comstock house and the final battle a joke. Just charge everything you see (except turrets). For the final battle just keep riding the skyline using the air attack to kill off weaker guys and to stun the stronger ones to take them out quickly, charge patriots and you can them out in 3-4 charges. All in all it was not as hard as i had anticipated.

Thanks to MabusScarab for the Sig!

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