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100% Good Ending Moral Flash Guide

I played this thru three times following various moral flash guides to try to get the good ending and failed, in the end i deleted all saves and the preferences file and started a new game on easy and did all the below and it popped so i could finally get 1000 points.


■Play the guitar in Artyom's room.
■Listening to the two Rangers near Artyom's room discussing the significance of D6.
■Waiting in the first hallway with the two rangers for a minute after they stop talking, also earns a point.
■Listening to the man talking about the new two recruits.
■Listen to the two chess players talking about Romanov's squad getting wiped out in the marshes.
■Play the balalaika in the room with men discussing Romanov.
■Stay at the firing range for a minute.
■Listen to the three Rangers in the cafeteria talking about the Red Line arming and the Nazi Rangers seen near Exhibition Station.
■One is earned at the beginning of Miller's briefing.


■Walk to the back of the train you start the level on.
■At the ladder, continue past it, further into the tunnel. Burn some cobwebs to get to a corpse that also has the first note in Ashes.
■Staying near Anna until she begins climbing to her sniping position.
■You get one when you first encouter the Watchmen.


■Release the prisoners.


■Listen to all of Fuhrer's speech.
■Kill the surrendering Nazi at the end of the chase.


■Complete the level without killing any humans, or simply don't kill the man reading on his bed after he surrenders.

■After exiting the first area of Nazis, kill the man reading on his bed after he surrenders.


■After Artyom exits the air vent, watch the scene where a Nazi lynches his fellow soldier and calls his mother a whore. Wait until the brutalized soldier leaves the room to receive the moral point.
■Do not kill said brutalized soldier who is hiding in the meat locker.
■After the lynching scene, listen to the conversation between two Nazis about stashed custom weapon.
■Follow the Nazi heading back to the locker room and when he opens his locker, knock/kill him and pick up the weapon. This will also earn the "A Present" achievement/trophy.
■Go up to the area above where there is an electric circuit that turns off lights. Listen to the conversation between two Nazis close to this circuit.
■In the next area there's a room filled with bathtubs. In the area beyond this, there's an airvent on the far side to the right, next to the guy in a chair. Enter it to get a point and there will be a supply crate on the left.
■In the room with water turbines there's two Nazis discussing the hanging of Pavel. Listen to the whole conversation to get a point.
■Complete the level without killing any humans.
■Kill the Nazi hiding in the meat locker.


■Just before the elevator at the beginning of the Spider tunnels, look to the left-hand side for a small nook hidden by cobwebs. Burn them away to find a small stash of ammo and a medkit next to two skeletons. Entering this nook earns a point.
■Entering the elevator with Pavel earns a point.
■Fending off the Spiders with Artyom's flashlight in the elevator earns a point.
■Quickly saving Pavel from the Spider attack just after exiting the elevator earns a point.

■In the elevator with Pavel, leave your flashlight off throughout the ride.
■Immediately after the elevator, leave your flashlight off and don't help Pavel when he is pinned by the Spider.


■In the beginning of the chapter after sliding down the side of the building and encountering sudden rain, turn left and look for a sewage pipe. Crawl in until you reach a room with a skeleton. The moral point is earned upon reaching the room.
■After encountering a huge sink hole, go to the tail end of the crashed blue plane on the left. There's another skeleton lying right in front of it. Reaching the skeleton earns a point.
■After searching the spider-infested skeleton, look right. There's a small caved-in room with some ammo and filters. Entering it earns a point.
■Taking the Duplet in the service room earns a point.
■Letting the Watchmen herd pass by without being spotted earns a point.
■Seeing all of the hallucinations of the first passenger section on the plane earns a point.
■Listening to Pavel after saving him earns a point.
■Shoot at the herd of watchmen.


■Right after passing through the first door, listening to the families (arriving by traincarts) trying to convince the guards to let them into the station grants you a moral point.
■Straight after this, listening to the couple from Reich talk about their escape. This is a reference to a quote from Martin Niemöller.
■Giving the theater critic-turned-beggar a bullet gets you a point. Giving the very same beggar another bullet, after his "speech", will grant you another point.
■Listening to the two patrons at the bar discussing whether or not theater is useful in dark times earns a point.
■Listening to the two men telling Katja that her husband is dead earns a point.
■Watching Mischa show the children animal impressions with shadows earns a point.
■Listening and following the two children running back to where you came from earns a point.
■Just after children stop, listen to the arguing couple about joining the Army. That would yield another moral point.
■Listen the conversation between two men at theater entrance about some trade-in. After they shake hands, man with hat will tell Artyom to come back later for his reward. Listen it all through as he walks off to trade area. That will give a moral point.
■Watching the entire theater show earns a point, and the "Patron of the Arts" achievement/trophy.
■Listening to the dancing girls entire conversation (about her make-up and boyfriend) grants you a moral point.
■After exiting the "make-up room", at the end of the following hallway, to your right, listening to the girl under the shower talking to the girl in the bathtub grants you another point.
■The attendant at the theater trying to sell the contraband after he convinces the other tourist follow him into the shopping area


■Listen in on the conversation between Korbut and Moskvin.


■Get out of the storage room you start in at beginning of this level and go downstairs to listen to the guard reporting in on the intercom.
■Listen to the two soldiers in the storage area talking about the Frontline mission from Metro 2033.
■Listen to the crane operators discussing moving radioactive materials.
■Do not disturb the men doing the service check and keep following them until they finish the checking procedure and talk about a smoke break.
■After the service check room and going through a big fan, listen to the conversation between two men right after climbing down the ladder.
■When you get to the area with the machine gun platform, listen to the conversation between the machine gunner and a soldier.
■Complete the level without killing any humans.
■Kill the civilian crane operator near the armored train.


■After boarding Regina and exiting Andrew's home, look for the first doorway on the left. Entering the area with the lamp on the desk earns a point.
■After the previous area, again to the lefthand side of the tunnel, there is a door under a light with a mask and a filter next to it. Behind this door is a Spider nest. Entering it and finding the glowing red room at the end with a light switch earns a point.
■After the previous area, continue onward for a time before finding another doorway on the left which leads to a partly submerged area. At the end to the right is a room with some ammo, filters and a skeleton. Entering this room earns a point.
■After opening the airlock doors and entering a gas mask area, get out of Regina and turn the switch on the left to change the rail tracks to continue straight. Use Regina to smash the wooden barricade. Doing so earns a point.
■After driving into the snowy tunnel, walk into the left hand tunnel to the abandoned metro cars where a Watchmen ambushes you. Keep going all the way to a dead end where a skeleton can be found. Arriving at the end earns a point.
■Just before arriving at the abandoned metro cars you have to push forward with Regina, go to the right side of the tunnel where a gas mask hangs from the wall with a filter. Enter the passage there to earn a point.
■While pushing the metro cars forward with Regina, look for a passage on the left side of the tunnel. This area is filled with shadows and ghosts who whisper to Artyom. Reaching the end of this area earns a point.
■Still while pushing the metro cars forward, on the right side is a sewer area with several Watchmen. Reaching the end near the skeleton wearing a gas mask earns a point.


■When Artyom first awakes, turn around and enter where Regina crashed. A point is earned after discovering the skeleton there.
■After meeting the refugee caravan, wait and listen to all their conversations. A point is earned after a woman says her husband was drafted and then captured by Nazis.
■Continuing down the tunnel after the refugee caravan, the first tunnel on the right will lead to a series of abandoned metro cars. A woman is crying for help and about to be raped by two bandits. Kill/knock them out to earn a point.
■Just before arriving at the main bandit camp where they're holding the woman and children, continue down the left-hand tunnel to a carriage with several corpses. Doing to earns a point.
■Rescue the women and children being held in the bandit camp. The point is earned when the bandit in the final room threatening them is killed.
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