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Dark Water

■One is earned at the end of the level after escaping the Shrimps.


■Give a bullet to a beggar near the market alley where two men are trying to push a pig in a crate onto a boat.
■Give a bullet to a second beggar near the market, this one in the alley where two children are drawing on the wall.
■Buy and drink the bartender's special, "The Bullet."
■If you drink a few more you'll blackout. When you come back the bar will be wrecked and the bartender will be pissed, if you pay him 100 MGR for the damage you'll get a moral point.
■Pay 10 MGR to use the shooting range.
■There is a child being comforted by his mother since he lost his teddy bear. If Artyom completes all the challenges at the nearby shooting gallery, he will be awarded said teddy bear. Return it to the crying child to receive the moral point.
■Complete the level without killing any bandits in the storage.
■Step on to the boat of the sleeping fisherman (at the left corner of the dock) and take his 20 MGR.
■Watch the striptease.
■Pay for a lapdance.


■Find the crashed airplane.
■Near the gas station there is a tiny truck, in there lie a bunch of bodies. Enter it (from the rear-end) to gain a point.


■Just before meeting your friends at the church, on the second floor of the destroyed mall. You encounter the mall after being chased by the giant shrimp. On the second floor, overlooking the swamp, is a large window. Looking out that window gets you the point.


■Just before entering the catacombs, there's a body near a table with a radio reaching for a tape recorder/player. Play the tape of the Ranger's last words regarding the Reds taking Anna into the catacombs for a point.
■After entering the catacombs and Artyom's electronics getting mysteriously disabled, there will be a few ghosts in a tunnel walking around. Wait for them to disappear to earn a point.
■One is gained as Artyom is lowered deeper into the catacombs on the elevator just before the Nosalises attack.
■Shortly after being knocked off the elevator, a point is gained as Artyom turns the corner to see a Nosalis pack moving through the tunnels. A second point can be earned if he lets them pass without attack them.
■A point can be earned by entering the tunnel the pack had emerged from and approaching the small Christian shrine.
■After descending the small lift and encountering the winged Nosalises, a point can be earned by approaching a skeleton with a custom quadruple-barreled duplet near some spiderwebs.
■When fighting the Rhino, apparently you earn one point if you don't shoot at it in the first room at all. This, however, rarely happens. It might be a bug, or the point is triggered by another event.

■Shooting at the Nosalis pack after getting knocked off the elevator.


■Deal with the two Red Line soldiers executing citizens at the beginning, before the shot man dies.
■Listen to the shot man's explanation and confusion over the Red's attack. He will explain that the Reds came before anybody died of the Virus.
■In the room to the left of the railcar where the enemy loading boxes is coming and going, there is a hole in the back wall that leads to an abandoned tunnel. The hole is partially blocked but you can move left and out into the tunnel. Head straight across from the hole to the green light on the opposite wall and turn right, at the water line is an ammo cache. Open it.
■Listen and watch the full execution of the wounded Red solider who contracted the "disease."
■After hearing Lesnitsky speaking with another soldier and going through the shaft, you will be in a room where some plants are growing. Go up the stairs, and there will be a Red Line officer going over dead citizens of the station. Listen to what he says to gain a moral point.
■Remove your mask when Lesnitsky has his knife at Anna's throat, before he counts to five.
■Complete the level without killing any humans.
■Attacking Lesnitsky, when he has his knife at Anna's throat.


■Listen to the doctor talking to the soldier who got infected trying to comfort infected children before they died.
■Right after the section where the doctor is talking to the chief about the possibility of the virus being a bioweapon, there is a man on a gurney on the your right talking to a doctor about going home because he is sure that he only has a flu. Listen to the whole conversation to earn a point.
■Pick up all four MGR stashes in the abandoned part of the station. One of them is hidden behind the door where Artyom first enters and can only be claimed once he proceeds down the stairs and the door closes. Finding all four also earns the "Forgotten" achievement/trophy.
■After meeting up with Khan there is a man asking the guard to let him go inside the quarantine zone and take some insulin. After he is refused, go up to him and he should (He doesn't always) ask you for help. Give him a bullet.
■In the small market area, listen to the three soldiers gathered around a table with a lamp discussing the Reds and Polis.


■Answer the phone in the sewers.
■Reach the river of fate.

The Chase

■One point is gained at the end of the chapter, when you pick up the Little Dark One and walk out of the burning train.

The Crossing

■Stay close to the Little Dark One as he expresses his desire to wear human clothing, next to the billboard.
■To the right of the aforementioned billboard, up a small path, there is a dead Demon surrounded by dead Watchmen. Walking up to the corpse earns a point.


■Just before the Little Dark One gives a second vision, look to the left. There is a broken ramp leading to a small area beneath the bridge with a few corpses. Going down the ramp earns a point.
■Before lifting the top left-hand look at the room in the beginning.


■After exiting the tunnel at the very beginning, stick to the left hand side. There is a garage with two closed doors, one open that has a truck poking out. Continue past this point to an entrance in the wall, then enter it. A building with a collapsed ceiling leads into the garage. Be careful as there is an explosive trap. Entering the garage earns a point.
■In the area where the Reds first stage an ambush, in the center of the room is a hidden passage that leads beneath the room. Entering it earns a point.
■In the third area where the Reds are waiting, there is a another hidden passage entered through a circular manhole. There is a dead soldier at the bottom. Entering it earns a point.
■In the fourth area where the Reds are waiting, there is a hidden passage that can be reached by the catwalks above the metro cars or by stairs at the back of the room. Entering this passage earns a point.
■Knocking Lesnitsky unconscious earns a point.
■Kill Lesnitsky.

The Dead City

■Don't kill the Watchmen in the area with the ladder that Artyom must climb. The point is earned at the top of the ladder.
■Do not kill the Demon on the rooftop protecting her nest, or her baby. You will gain the point after going down the stairs, and jumping through the hole in the floor.
■See all visions.
■Kill the Demon of the rooftop protecting her nest. The Little Dark One will ask Artyom why he killed her.
■Killing the baby demon will lose another one and a remark of the Little Dark One if Artyom would do the same to him.

Red Square

■At the beginning of the level when the Watchmen are growling from atop the Kremlin, don't shoot at them. The point is earned as they begin to go inside. Climbing the staircase into the St.Basil's Cathedral to an area full of skeletons earns another point.
■While following the Little Dark One through the storm, Artyom will come across a Watchman kneeling over a skeleton. The Little Dark One will say he's simply afraid. Leaving him be will earn a point as soon as Artyom enters the next area.
■In the ruined sewer area, a group of three Watchmen will slowly approach, but again the Little Dark One says they won't attack unless provoked. Leaving them be will earn another point.
■In the same area, you can see a corpse down a hole. Reach it to gain another point, but taking too much time will cause the Watchmen to attack.
■Save Pavel from the damned souls. The Little Dark One will then remark that now he understands what forgiveness is.

■Enter the St.Basil's Cathedral before the Watchmen go away.
■Leaving Pavel with the damned souls causes you to lose a point. The Little Dark One will tell you that he will remember that you couldn't forgive.

The Garden

■Near the beginning of the level, there is a path leading towards a hole in the right hand wall, into a flooded store with can alarms and a safe. Entering this area earns a point.
■At the same split where you can reach the flooded store, you can also turn left, crossing a log and a flooded pipe. right after the pipe will be a tripwire. Disarm it or avoid it, then croutch ahead and you will recieve a moral point.
■Do not engage any watchmen and just sprint to the small passage to next area where Artyom must crouch. A moral point will be gained when you enter this passage. Just after moral point is added, you will see baby Bears.
■Kill the Watchmen attacking the Bear after the fight with Artyom. Do so quickly or they'll kill her. (This will also get you a Achievement)

■Leave the clearing without harming the Watchmen on the Bear's back.

Once u have these flashes you will certainly acheive the good ending and the ach.
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