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Originally Posted by Com_Raven View Post
How? Doesn't the Cannonball just land you in the same spot you jumped on again? I tried it with the Teleport, and it is easy to land above the chest- however, I can't use it from there. And trying to land below the chest always insta-freezes me -.-
You need to move slower then, maybe try crouching movement, you have very little margin for error in that tight space, but I've gotten that shield before. Really wish there was a ring of COLD protection like there is one for fire.

BTW, this game is SUPER STINGY when it comes to dropping that level 8 scroll, I've played through the last level 3 times in a row with the elf, killed every gargoyle, lots of level 2/3/4/5 drops, NO level 8 scroll drop. VERY annoying! And it's the last one I need, too.
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