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Absolutely not. The game mode is complete garbage - I wouldn't even call it a "mode" since it's only available on ONE map - at best it's like one of the bad minigames that everybody tried to vote against in the Mario Party games. Just a waste of time. They just wanted another bullet point for the DLC's content. Hey, at least they added the Peacekeeper for multiplayer - I was hoping that they would add weapons for the other packs, but alas... They haven't even tried to add another bad gametype like Turned, so they must feel like they can coast a bit. Annoying that they put the image of the "Ray Gun Mk.II" in the same little advertising section that they showed the Peacekeeper in for the first DLC. Another gun for zombies... That doesn't count. What if they had put a big picture of a Thompson up alongside the maps from Uprising? Shameless. I hope "Buried" is decent, although, for whatever reason, God knows, they went back to using the terrible characters from Tranzit and Die Rise. They'll probably be in the fourth map, too... God they never stop talking, repeat themselves over and over, their voice acting kills any of their potentially entertaining lines, and they're just *boring.* Compare them to the Richtofen, Niko, the Japanese guy, and American Dempsey... At least they were diverse, funny, and had some character. But thanks to the overcomplicated Black Ops I "Easter Egg" ""Campaigns"" in the zombie maps, Treyarch thinks that they need to follow some canon, here. Protip: They aren't "Easter Eggs" if they're a requirement for a "story."
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