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Well I'm giving up, my game just REFUSES to give me a level 8 scroll. Just played through an entire game with the Elf AND Magic User, gave me several scrolls all the way up to level 7 (and gave me a TON of level 4's) but not one single solitary level 8 and I even hit all the hidden areas. FU game, FU.

Edit: and no sooner do I type this do I get the damn thing. W-T-F

Here's what I did, if it helps anyone else, used the Elf, started at Rafael's cave, got sword of legend, did NOT fight the red dragon, got to the gateway, got to the first set of gargoyles and 1 hellhound. For the first time ever, a WHOLE BUNCH of kobolds came out of the woodwork, I have no idea why, but the game has never thrown a pile of kobolds at me before. Not sure if the kobolds are what dropped it or if it was the gargoyle but damn that level 8 scroll was the most difficult thing to get. SO glad to finally be done!

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