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Lied to Hershel? Me and 63% of players told the truth. - I chose to tell the truth to Hershel because people have to trust you to be a friend. Being honest will make it more likely for people to always believe in you, no matter what.

As Hershel said and I quote, "You're going to have to depend on the honesty of strangers if you're going to make it. And if those same people get to questioning yours, you're going to be in trouble."

Duck or Shawn? Me and 49% of players chose Duck. - I chose to save Duck over Shawn because kids always come first in my book.

Side with Kenny? Me and 48% of players defended Kenny. - I chose to defend Kenny because Larry was arguing for killing a kid without solid evidence that Duck had been bitten.

Gave Irene the gun? Me and 55% of players refused the gun. - I chose to refuse to give the gun to Irene because people can't be giving up yet.

Doug or Carley? Me and 76% of players chose Carley. - I chose to save Carley over Doug because she's a good shot and she seemed like a very trustworthy person. I say that she seemed like a very trustworthy person because she was willing to keep Lee's past a secret from everybody else to prevent conflict amongst the group.

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