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Originally Posted by th3warr1or View Post
After spending about 1hour attempting to find Deadpool's weak spot(he has none apparently btw), I found a method to take down his health by a guaranteed 1cm(if you're on a 30inch TV).

This what you do, Hold (Y) and Charge up the uppercut and dash towards him. Upon reaching him immediately release (Y). This will send BOTH you and him into the air. The moment you have reached the peak of your jump, just before both of you fall to the ground again, SPAM (X) 5 times. This will cause you to do a flurry of Slash attacks while suspending you[and him] in mid air as long as you continue to hit.

You do not want to hit (X) more than 6times or press Y after this because this will cause you to do an Axe Kick finisher(Which will send him flying away, and hence increasing his chance of blasting the ground from beneath you.

After pressing (X) 5 times, immediately press (B) and Wolverine will do a grab deadpool and do a slam into the ground. This makes him 'unconscious' for about 1second, which is enough to do ANOTHER charging uppercut and repeating the 5(X) and 1(B) attacks.

NOTE: If he happens to get up after doing the (B) attack, just unleash a weak uppercut on him which will simply send him flying up(you'll still be on the ground). This allows you to charge up a second uppercut before he has time to land.

Hope this helps you in beating that jackass.
Thanks for this post Sir.

My friend unlocked this for me (he is just a much better gamer than me) using your method. This is by far the best method... we found the drill and spin attacks absolutely useless.

What we did notice was that each time you play deadpool does not act the same - there seems to be three or four variations of AI where sometimes he is aggressive, or uses BAMF a lot, or blows up the platform a lot... and so I think the people who "found this easy" (its not) got lucky early on and got a fairly passive deadpool. Only advice is to make sure you learn the moves to execute them perfectly (and it is possible to get to the end of the game with out that skill), keep playing and be ready for the time when he is beatable.
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