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Seriously, Seriously

Calling all dedicated achievement hunters for a grind on a long road to seriously. Looking for 3 dedicated members for a long, gruesome journey to one of the most treasured achievements on all of Xbox.

Before starting on anything I will let everyone know at least one member of this is just barely getting started. He has roughly around 600 Kills so he has 9400 to go.

Due to this reason I'm going to have to limit just anyone to joining this group due to member disbands in the past.

You may only have 3000 kills or lower to get in this boosting squad. It seems harsh but I don't want to screw anyone out of these achievements.

I myself have only 3000 or a little over.

If you are interested in joining this group please send a message to ZR0H(with a zero) for questions and concerns. This is on a first come first serve basis.

Again this is ONLY for the Seriously achievement and weapon based achievements.

We will be using the map Escalation. 19 rounds. It will be roughly 20 minutes or less for each match. 57 kills per player switching on and off.

We will decide which nights and which hours will be best for anyone. So depending on how long everyone is down to put in each night we will be able to score about 104 kills per player each night up to 208. That's less than 100 days.

Again, this will be a long haul, but I want this game completed and I'm sure you all do too!

Add: ZR0H(with a zero)

Cell phones are a plus!
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