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Did you shoot the girl in the street? Me and 40% of players shot her. - I chose to shoot the girl in the street because I didn't want her to suffer.

Did you abandon Lilly? Me and 57% of players did not leave her. - I chose not to leave Lilly because if I were to of left her that would've been no better of a thing to do than what she did to Carley.

Did you fight Kenny? Me and 44% of players talked him down. - I chose to talk Kenny down because there's no need to resort to violence to get your point across.

Did you shoot Duck? Me and 79% of players shot him. - I chose to shoot Duck because no parent should have to bury their child, let alone have to put them out of their misery.

Did you help Omid? Me and 55% of players helped Omid. - I chose to help Omid because he recently got injured which made me assume that he would be more in need of help than Christa, who of which wasn't injured.

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