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Did you kill the boy in the attic? Me and 74% of players killed him - I chose to kill the boy in the attic because Kenny had enough to deal with, with recently losing his wife and child.

Did you lie to or threaten Vernon? Me and 66% of players were rational and honest - I chose to be rational and honest with Vernon because lying to or threatening somebody who has a gun pointed at you isn't a smart idea.

Did you bring Clementine with you? Me and 73% of players brought her - I chose to bring Clementine with me because I didn't feel comfortable with leaving her in a house with only Omid who was injured at the time. Besides, I always want her to be by my side and if I have the option to make that so, then it shall be so.

Did you let Ben fall to his death? Me and 67% of players pulled him to safety. - I chose to pull Ben to safety because I don't think he deserves to die based on the choices he made in the past.

Did you reveal the bite to the group? Me and 80% of players showed the bite - I chose to reveal the bite to the group because they deserve to know so that they can prepare for if Lee were to turn.

Who came with you? Me and 16% got Omid, Ben, Kenny, and Christa to come with you - I chose to bring Omid, Ben, Kenny, and Christa because if Lee were to turn I wanted the group there to be able to not only put him down, but to also acquire the only lifeline to Clementine so that they can continue to track her down.

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