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300 hit combo

So i tried the mentioned ways of doing the 300 hit combo, but i was either too powerful or they would get a lucky hit in and it would reset. I did find a lot easier way to do it on the level 'road to victory', i should point out i did this last and reset my upgrades and did this on veteran difficulty, i only had sai's as a purchase, with no upgrades. At the start of the level you run across a walkway, kill everything including the annoying flying dude. As you come round the corner, the walkway will collapse and make a sort of ramp, climb onto the ramp and stay there, two earthquakers will come running over (i did this 3 times to make sure, and sometimes one wont come over, or one will climb onto the ramp, if this happens make him chase you over the ramp where he will be stuck and wont bother you) all 3 times i did it, one of the guys will stand next to the ramp and wont move,stay on the ramp next to him and just go to work with the sai's on him and bank an easy 300 combo and an easy 50G's
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