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Removed Lee's arm? Me and 71% of players removed your arm - I chose to remove Lee's arm because I thought it could save him or at the very least buy him some time.

Lost temper? Me and 26% of players calmly argued with Kenny. - I chose to calmly argue with Kenny because losing your temper isn't going to help defuse a situation.

Gave up weapons? Me and 41% of players surrendered your weapons. - I chose to surrender my weapons because not surrendering your weapons to somebody who has a gun pointed at you isn't a smart idea. Especially considering all he would have to do is pat me down to find out that I was lying.

Killed Clementine's captor? Me and 43% of players killed the stranger - I chose to kill the stranger because he would've turned had I not, so I just made sure that he couldn't come back and harm anyone.

Stopped Lee from turning? Me and 63% of players made sure Lee didn't turn - I chose to have Clementine shoot Lee because I didn't want Clementine to see Lee as a walker after recently seeing her parents like so. It also teaches her that sometimes you're going to have to shoot those who you care about to prevent them from turning. Plus, this makes sure that Lee can't come back and harm her.
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