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Removed Lee's arm? Me and 71% of players removed your arm - I chose to remove Lee's arm because I thought it could save him or at the very least buy him some time.

Lost temper? Me and 26% of players calmly argued with Kenny. - I chose to calmly argue with Kenny because losing your temper isn't going to help defuse a situation.

Gave up weapons? Me and 41% of players surrendered your weapons. - I chose to surrender my weapons because not surrendering your weapons to somebody who has a gun pointed at you isn't a smart idea. Especially considering all he would have to do is pat me down to find out that I was lying.

Killed Clementine's captor? Me and 43% of players killed the stranger - I chose to kill the stranger because he would've turned had I not, so I just made sure that he couldn't come back and harm anyone.

Stopped Lee from turning? Me and 38% of players told Clementine to leave Lee - I chose to tell Clementine to leave Lee because shooting people changes you and I don't want her to become accustomed to having to kill people, be it people about to turn or not.

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