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Really hate the spec ops missions I have left and the DLC along with it. Stuck doing the higher tiers, but managed to help someone get through their stars. Just a few more, but not looking forward to some of the harder ones.

I think one of them is "Server Crash." It is the one where you have to find Volk's computer and attach the DSM and download the files which enemies come in both directions along with shields which is impossible on Veteran.

Smacktown: Never can get through this, let alone survive the helicopter because I have no cover and 5 guys shoot me in the face and I cannot recover my health. Even when I do get down off the helicopter and try to destroy the smack, I cannot move forward with dozens of guys shooting me in the face.

DLC Spec Ops: Seriously, I cannot even stand them. Some aren't that difficult, but some are just really hard.
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