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for the love of all jesus christ all mightyyyyyyyyyyy can someone plzzzzzzz get a session going for the endure achieve. i'm pretty good at the game so of course 3 decent players wouldn't hurt. i have a mic and i'm on est. today is sunday i have all day to try an get this f'in achieve that's been messing with me since 2010 lmao needless to say it is the last achieve i need. helpppppppp hahahaha love x360a

Edit: No longer needed

Speciallllllllllll thanks tooooooooooo:

Jedi Obijoe

Finally got it after almost 4 long yearsssssss lol

I will say that the guy who post is #1686 that strategy still works to this day. It's not a glitch just a smart way to tackle the rounds. Btw as far as time goes it took us 2hr 40 min and 40secs.
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