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Cool Completed

I rarely go to the forums to post, but I felt ti was worth it for this one.

Completed 1999 Mode 7-9-2013

Primary Weapons: Carbine (Fully upgraded), Comstock's Broom (Shotgun, 3-4 upgrades) With a one-time use of a fully upgraded Hand Cannon (last Lady Comstock fight...didn't have enough carbine ammo)

Infusions: 10 Health, 10 Shield, 8 Salts

I fairly used a good deal of my Vigors at one time or another, but used the fully upgraded Shock Jockey traps to protect the core a fair bit on the final fight.

50-50 achievements. Did 11 on 1999 Mode (missed a few things the first time through on Normal)

NOTE: I did have the pre-order DLC and goodies so my shotgun was dealing 10% more damage than normal. Didn't however see the point in upgrading the spread.

You just have to pay attention and keep yourself aware of your health and let the shields recharge. Theres a nice piece of gear that reduces the wait by 1 second and speeds up the charge rate by x2
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