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Originally Posted by Dutchess View Post
Using the method described in Makemeacoffee's post, and assuming we're using Big Team so that we get the mantis, here's the list so far:

1.Makemeacoffee (1)
2.Makemeacoffee (2)
3.Makemeacoffee (3)
4.Makemeacoffee (4)
5.SixpennyDuchess (1)
6.SixpennyDuchess (2)
7.SixpennyDuchess (3)
8.Shmink (1)
9.Shmink (2)
10.Shmink (3)
11.Shmink (4)
12.Drazsyker (1)
13.Drazsyker (2)
14.Drazsyker (3)

I can ask a friend to help fill the lobby if we don't get anyone else. Now we just need to agree on a day and time. Weekends work for me.
Count me in too
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