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Crimson DLC boosting: UPDATE

Hello everyone, as noted in my private messages to all involved, I've gotten lots of responses for this boosting session. As such, I split the would be final list in two so that we don't have 10 people on one team that actual need the achievement. (The more idle controllers we have the less time it will take to get the achievements).

For the first team, those persons have been notified and we will have a separate session offline on Sunday.

For the second team, the list is as noted below. Makemeacoffee is the leader. Please note how many controllers you have, your timezone and which of the two dates work for you.

Good luck everyone!!

1.Makemeacoffee (1)
2.Makemeacoffee (2)
3.Makemeacoffee (3)
4.Makemeacoffee (4)
5.Drazsyker (1)
6.Drazsyker (2)
7.Drazsyker (3)
8.FirmMountain52 (1)
9.FirmMountain52 (2)
10.FirmMountain52 (3)
11.Emperor 95 (1)
12.Emperor 95 (2)
13.Emperor 95 (3)
14.Emperor 95 (4)
15.a giantsaxplaya (1)
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