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I'm giving away the currently unreleased Tiny Tina DLC heads for all the classes for free.

The Psycho skin is glitched, but the head isn't - you can have the skin if you like, but it might remain glitched when the skin is actually released. The skin looks like this right now..

Send a message to Das Belmont saying which heads you would like, or all of them if you want - and then send me an invite and I will drop the requested and dashboard.

Please do not try and attempt to con me by kicking me from the game after I drop the heads, as I have a friend who can supply me with them.

I will get to you when I can. Please keep in mind that I might be busy duping for others at the time of your message, or I might be busy playing other games with friends etc. I will give the requested heads & skins in the order I receive the messages; with the latest messages getting the skins last if there is a demand queue.

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