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Originally Posted by Jakez123 View Post
The game is good, not the best, but it is definitely repetitive and I did get bored sometimes, the things I do for cheevos, now I'm doing the original game, which is boring.
Yeah... I just can't stress enough, that the original "Alice" game (the DLC) should be played first (and I mean ALL of it - no matter how difficult or irritating some parts might be)... before starting Madness Returns.

I don't hate the original (shoot... I got it first on PC a LONG TIME AGO), but it just doesn't play as well as the sequel. Most people I know, that started the sequel, then went and played the original... were less tolerant of it, because they got spoiled by the newer game!

On a side note... if you aren't playing this game with Dolby Digital Surround Sound (with an LFE subwoofer)... you are missing out on one of THE BEST sounding games on the Xbox 360! I have a LOT of Xbox 360 games that you would think would have really awesome sound, but this one is still the leader.

You can see the thread here that I started about the sound for this game!

Surprisingly... a LOT of people STILL aren't playing the Xbox 360 on an HDTV, let alone have a decent sound system. That (to me) is just nuts! Everything looks SOOOOOOO much better in HD. I'm really glad the Xbox One is ONLY going to work on an HDTV. It'll force the gamers to upgrade and see what they are missing!!
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