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^^^ Best post ever? That's some serious Babel domination.

I got Atlas done a while ago. Been plugging away at Menhir and Obelisk. Finally got Menhir last night; have had a few good runs at Obelisk but keep messing up in the low 100's. The more you play the more you recognize the patterns and how to get throught them and the Youtube videos help even though there is some randomness to the drops.

One think I picked up from watching Youtube is how fast some people are working both controllers, especially through the easier/repetitive sections. I think that helps give you a little breathing room or time to adjust if you screw up.

Axis still gives me fits and seems to be the hardest. Hopefully with a few more tries I will start to get it.

I'm on the same plan for cleaning up prior to Xbox One. I've got about 20 non-DLC achievements remaining most of which are mega-grinds (Star Ocean, Gears 1 seriously). Finishing Catherine and the challenges on Vanquish are going to require the most skill.

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