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I still don't know how I did it. I was never able to study and remember the strategies, so I just learned them the hard way through trial and error. Once I got the hang of a simple strategy - where you take a block from the middle and push it to the edge of your landing to form stairs - things started progressing much quicker. I always made stairs, but before then, I was doing it the hard way and wrecking my landings.

I was never able to control both characters quickly. As I said in my first post, that just confused me. I always moved one character at a time - except in the few instances where I had to pull a block with one character and push it with the other in order to maintain block integrity.

I was still seeing blocks when I closed my eyes for a week after I finished. Thinking about strategies and what-have-you. It wasn't fun.

The big achievement I'm trying to tackle now is Max Payne 3's New York Minute Hardcore. It's more tedious than hard because you have to watch all of the cutscenes over again when you die, and then there's the disk switching. I might not be able to get that one.

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