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Originally Posted by julianportman View Post
Nevermind; got it!
Dang, Steins;Gate x2 was tough!

Hi, I'm having trouble with the last message.

Reading all messages (Mayuri)

Character name in Japanese: まゆり

Main Menu > Start

[Save Slot 1]
欠席届け -> 夏休みの宿題
大忙しだよー -> メイクイーンのバイト

[Load Slot 1]
欠席届け -> 夏休みの宿題
大忙しだよー -> コミマの衣装作り
楽しいよ -> オカリンも一緒に行こうよ

[Load Slot 1]
欠席届け -> 夏休みの宿題
大忙しだよー -> 補習授業
ちがうよ -> テスト時間がおわっちゃうの

[Load Slot 1]
欠席届け -> ぴんち

[Load Slot 1]

Skip until you get next message from Mayuri.

[Save Slot 1]
いま -> 電車
大丈夫 -> 電車

The red message never shows up. I can't reply to 大丈夫 , it's just blank. Any ideas here?
I had the same problem and since the person didn't post with their solution I'll reply. This reply simply does not exist, just ignore it and keep going with the guide.

Also, there are I think 2 instances where there is no subject, but in the guide there is some text. If you go to Google Translate, these actually do mean "No subject" or something so check that first.

Other than that, thanks very much Sanger for an awesome guide. Got my 1,000 now .
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